15 November 2010

Factors that can add or sustract years from your life

Subiectul life extension este ptr. mine o provocare atractiva (deja ma simt mai bine doar citind despre) inca de cand aveam 14 ani. Cand nici nu stiam ca se cheama asa. Si chiar daca nu constant in ultimii 17 ani am actionat cu practica in aceasta directie, la teorie am fost constanta, adica am fost mereu intr-o continua informare despre ce e influenteaza longevitatea. Am mai primit si apostrofori urate rau din partea unora (pe foarte buna dreptate) cand citeam despre nutritia anti-aging cu tigara in mana (pe vremea cand fumam). Dar pana la urma, toate au condus la ceea ce eu sunt in prezent sau... nu eram cea de azi, daca nu treceam prin ce am trecut.

Va recomand un link interesant, despre cum sa ne lungim telomerii, acele capete ale ADN-ului care ne dau predispozitia genetica pentru cati ani vom traim si ce boli grave putem face:


Printre alte carti, am cumparat in primavara o carticica "Long Life Equation" scrisa de dr. Trisha Macnair in 2007, genul "de buzunar", in care sunt descrisi 100 de factori care pot adauga sau scadea ani din viata. Factorii sunt trecuti in revista in mod sumar, fiecare pe 1-2 pagini, dar avand in spate studii stiitifice temeinice. Aprofundarea ulterioara din alte surse de informare a factorilor care suscita interesul sau incita credibilitatea cititorului, este indicata dupa parerea mea. Asadar, sumara trecere in revista cuprinde:


1.thinking old -5 years
2.happiness +9 years
3.optimism +8 years
4.low-self esteem -4 years
5.conscientiousness +2 years
6.having fath +7 years
7.marriage +7 years
8.divorce -3 years
9.young mothers -2 years
10.community +6 years
11.stress -2 years
12.good work-life balance +3 years
13.social statut +4 years
14.exercices +2 years
15.clutter -1 year
16.laughter +1 year
17.pets +2 years
18.depression -5 years
19.meditation +3 years
20.active mind +4 years


21.long living parents +10 years
22.only child in the family -5 years
23.bad genes -10 years
24.girl rules! (just being female) +10 +years
25.stay short +5 years
26.obesity -3 years
27.being underweight -1 year
28.eating less +1 year
29.food obsessions -5 years
30.vitamins +3 years
31.fibre +1 year
32.too much sugar -1 year
33.antioxidants +2 years
34.fast food -4 years
35.mediterranean diet +5 years
36.good fats +1 year
37.minerals +3 years
38.omega-3s +5 years
39.bad posture -2 years
40.streching +1 year
41.getting active +4 years
42.over-exercising -2 years
43.good balance +3 years
44.couch potato - 8 years
45.not getting enough sleep = 5 years
46.napping during the day +1 year
47.yoga +5 years
48.good dental hygiene +6 years
49.good sex +4 years
50.risky sex -8 years
51.intelligenge +2 years
52.being informed +2 years
53.bad doctor -4 years
54.pregnancy -6 months
55.hormone replacement +1 years


56.place of birth +10 years
57.city life -3 years
58.room with a view +2 years
59.war zone -6 months
60.heavily industrialized zones -2 years
61.free radical damage -4 years
62.sunshine +2 years
63.sunbathing -1 year
64.adiation awareness +1 year
65.radon exposure -1 year
66.electromagnetic radiation -6 months
67.reduce chemical use +2 years
68.noise pollution -1 year
69.dangerous parasites - 2 years
70.home safery +2 years
71.comfortable climate +3 years
72.washing your hands +2 years
73.workplace hazards - 4 years
74.fire protection +1 year


75.vaccination +2 years
76.take yourpills +12 years
77.side effects -4 years
78.regular screening +4 years
79.risk of infection -1 year
80.healthy parteners +2 years
81.heart desease -7 years
82.bowel awareness +2 years
83.skin cancer awareness +1 year
84.cancer - 3 years
85.breast awareness +1 year
86.testicle check +6 months
87.diabetes -5 years
88.high blood pressure -5 years
89.arthritis -1 year
90.osteoporosis -3 years
91.looking young + 1 year
92.dementia -5 years


93.smoking -8 years
94.recreational drugs -4 years
95.red wine (a small glass) +3 years
96.binge drinking -3 years
97.adventure travel -2 years
98.crazy careers (dangerous jobs) -3 years
99.extrem spotrs -5 years
100.road safery +3 years

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